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it uncorks the pathway that allows you to turn that sugar into energy and by doing that, one sec, your fat cells can begin to shrink out their material, convert it into energy and if you eat sugar, you are unable because of the garcinia to make more of that fat cell. that's why this research is so superb and interesting to me because it makes me think differently about how your liver converts sugar into fat and can now convert it to energy. why is this so special to new >> it's really important because early on a lot of patients wanted to see the numbers go down on the scale, but that's not as important as body comsgs -- compogs change. -- composition. if you are actually getting more lean muscle mass and less fat, you are more of a fat-bust r -- must -- busting machine yourself. >> think about that, folks. instead of focusing on your weight, you can focus on your dress size. the things we should really be caring about because the energy is used to build muscle, not fat. if you were listening carefully, dr. chen said there's two ways it works. one is by this, making less fast. the other is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1